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Male vs. Female Divorce Strategy

 Posted on August 09, 2012 in Divorce

Even in the most amicable divorces, lines are drawn. If the divorce turns contentious, the courtroom can feel like a battlefield. Search the internet for ‘divorce advice' and there are pages and pages offering strategic advice on how best to financially prepare for the war. A lot of this information is presented as gender specific - what men should do to prepare for a divorce, what women should do to prepare for a divorce. Just what are the differences?

The online publication AskMen offers tips for men on how to financially prepare for a divorce. The Huffington Post offers a similar article for women. Both publications consulted with different experts on divorce. Here's the advice they offer:

  • Both men and women were advised to gather all financial records to ensure they have an accurate picture of all outstanding debts. Women were also advised to obtain a copy of their credit report.
  • Both men and women were advised to open up their own checking and saving accounts and obtain credit cards in their name alone. Women were also advised to obtain a post office box. This was to ensure privacy and to not let the other party know what accounts are now being opened up. Women were also advised to start putting away money for legal and other professional fees, especially if the husband is the major bread-winner.
  • Both were advised to make changes to their wills and medical directives, as well as other changes to their estates, including beneficiaries on insurance policies and IRA's.
  • Women were advised to take an inventory of all personal (non-marital) property, including taking photographs of the items. Men were advised to work out some kind of financial agreement if they are moving out of the marital home but still required to pay towards the mortgage or rent. Men were also advised to prepare for the financial responsibility of child support payments.

Both men and women are also advised to obtain an attorney because again, even in the most amicable divorces, you still need to make sure your rights are protected. If you are considering divorce, or have already made the decision, consult with an experienced divorce attorney in Wheaton, Illinois to ensure you get the divorce settlement you are entitled to.

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