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Has your spouse used a credit card in your name? Were any purchases made either for a family owned business or commercial real estate property? If you have any of these concerns while filing for divorce in Illinois, then you need to contact a debt allocation attorney, who can provide you with informative legal counsel to protect your rights during debt allocation in divorce.

The law firm of Stock, Carlson & Duff LLC can provide the answer to these questions, for clients who may be struggling through divorce with disputes concerning debts that were accumulated through marriage and how they will be divided afterwards.

Whether or not debt was added to a credit card for business or for the home, it is generally treated similar to marital property and can be equally divided. If the purpose behind the debt was used only to benefit one spouse and not the family as a whole, then you may be able to minimize any responsibility of paying off the debt.

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Our attorneys at Stock, Carlson & Duff LLC, have over 40 years of legal experience, each in their own right. We practice in vast areas of family law and other matters that can be affected by divorce such as, trusts or wills and limited liability partnership companies operated by married couples, who are considering the dissolution of a business.

We believe in resolving marital disputes concerning debt allocation, in a practical manner that will be cost effective in the long run. You have a right to protect what is yours in a marriage, including not having to pay for a debt that was not accrued by you. If you have any doubts about the debts that were made during your marriage, schedule a consultation in our Wheaton law firm by calling 630-665-2500.

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