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The law firm of Stock, Carlson & Asso. LLC in Wheaton, Illinois believes in helping our clients solve problems related to divorce matters in a cost-effective manner. Illinois is a state that recognizes "no-fault" grounds for divorce; in fact, the only requirement for filing for divorce is that a divorce petition must state that there are "irreconcilable differences" between the two spouses. When pursuing the dissolution of your marriage, it is extremely important to have an experienced divorce attorney representing you, so that your rights can be protected.

Wheaton Divorce Attorneys Helping Clients and Families throughout Illinois

Stock, Carlson & Asso. LLC has a team of divorce attorneys, each with over 40 years of experience. We are devoted to helping our clients settle the legal issues they may encounter during the divorce process, including:

Our attorneys can help address a wide variety of other family law situations that may be related to divorce, including handling concerns over adoption and adopted children during divorce, determining whether legal separation may be a preferable option to ending your marriage, ensuring that the terms of a prenuptial agreement are followed correctly during the divorce process, and addressing whether a marriage can be ended through a declaration of invalidity (annulment). We also provide mediation services, helping spouses work together to reach a mutually agreeable settlement and avoid costly, time-consuming, and emotionally difficult courtroom litigation.

Effective Representation for Your Divorce

In some cases, couples may be driven to divorce out of anger or other emotions, but when ending their marriage, they must carefully consider the consequences and ramifications of their actions. During this time, emotions can run the gamut from depression to belligerent behavior, but by having a skilled legal advocate on your side, you can be prepared to address your legal issues effectively, including determining what items are marital or non-marital property. We can also help you determine how to handle marital assets such as a family-owned business, including planning for the dissolution of a business during divorce.

No matter what situation you find yourself in regarding divorce, having an attorney by your side can help you to resolve any outstanding legal issues that must be settled before your divorce can be completed. Our attorneys at the law firm of Stock, Carlson & Asso. LLC, provide clients with effective legal solutions during a divorce proceeding. We treat clients as part of our family, and we will do everything possible to guide you through your divorce while protecting your parental rights and your financial interests so that you and your family can have a successful outcome.

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