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The law firm of Stock, Carlson & Asso. LLC in Wheaton, Illinois has extensive legal experience assisting clients with disputes regarding the administration of wills and trusts during the probate process, and we also work with clients during the estate planning process, helping them avoid these types of problems in the first place. We have successfully represented many clients and helped them resolve contentious disputes over the distribution of property to a person's heirs, as well as various other estate-related matters.

Reasons for Contested Estates

One of the freedoms provided to those who live in the United States is the ability to dispose of one's assets as desired. One way to provide directions regarding the disposition of a person's assets after their death is through a Last Will and Testament. While many wills provide clear instructions about how a person's assets should be distributed to their beneficiaries, there are some cases in which a will is disputed. This may occur because a person's family members believe a will does not represent the decedent's wishes, or a beneficiary may dispute a will because they did not receive the inheritance they expected.

In some cases, a will may be contested because family members or other beneficiaries believe that the decedent did not have the mental capacity to know what they were signing or that they did not understand the nature and extent of their assets. Some cases may involve claims of "undue influence" in which a beneficiary claims that a person close to the decedent used coercion, threats, or force to convince the decedent to sign a will that did not represent their actual wishes. A will or estate may also be contested because a person believes that the decedent's signature was forged on estate planning documents.

Family members, beneficiaries, or other interested parties may file a formal complaint to contest a will after it has been filed in probate court. This results in a contested estate. Typically, strong evidence must be provided in order to demonstrate that a will is not valid.

If you are in this situation, you should seek proper legal guidance to ensure that your interests and your loved one's wishes are protected. A competent estate administration attorney can provide you with sound legal advice about how to address contested estate issues. Stock, Carlson & Asso. LLC understands the laws that govern estates, wills, and trusts in Illinois. We are your advocates, and we can help you seek a resolution in conformity with the law.

Contact a Wheaton Contested Estate Lawyer

If you need to determine your options for contesting a will that you believe does not represent your loved one's wishes, or if you need to know how to defend the will of a loved one that is being challenged, contact us at our Wheaton, Illinois office location by calling 630-665-2500. We will provide you with an initial consultation, and we can answer your questions and help you determine your legal options. Let us help you protect your rights.

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