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One of the freedoms we enjoy is the ability to dispose of our assets as we wish. One way to direct the disposition of one's assets at death is by a will. Another is by a trust. If a person dies without either of these instruments in place, the person's assets will pass to the person's heirs according to the laws of intestate succession. These laws describe how assets will be divided among a person's heirs in the absence of a will.

The Probate Process

If directions for the distribution of a person's assets have been made by a will, or if the deceased person had neither a will nor a trust, the estate is subject to the probate process. This is the process by which the court appoints a legal representative (known as the Executor or Administrator) to gather the deceased person's assets, pay his or her bills, and then distribute the remainder to the beneficiaries named in the will, or to the heirs if there is no will.

Probate can be expensive and complicated, involving issues of property, dissolution of a business or transfer of business ownership, resolution of claims, estate tax returns, and other factors. The Executor or Administrator has to handle all of these matters, and they must prepare detailed accountings of the financial transactions completed during the probate process. Our skilled probate attorneys can help an Executor or Administrator properly fulfill these duties, and we can work to minimize conflicts and possibly save a great deal of emotional stress.

Use of a Trust

One of the ways a person can avoid the probate process entirely is by setting up a trust. When a trust is properly funded, most people can avoid the probate process and maintain a level of privacy concerning their assets. These are among the primary reasons for the popularity of trusts. However, while some of the expenses involved in the probate process can be avoided, issues related to property, winding up or transfer of a business, resolution of claims, and the like are still often present. A trustee must not only deal with these issues but must also file special tax returns and prepare detailed accountings of the financial transactions of the trust. Our skilled trust administration attorneys can help trustees fulfill these duties.

Qualified Attorneys You Can Trust

At the law firm of Stock, Carlson & Asso. LLC in Wheaton, Illinois, we have a team of attorneys who each have over 40 years of legal experience and knowledge in all areas of estate and trust administration. Our clients have trusted us throughout the years to handle their business affairs and complex legal matters dealing with the different types of estates and trusts.

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