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No matter where you do business or what your business transactions may involve, you should always use the proper business contracts, and an experienced lawyer should review the terms of a contract before you sign any official document. Whether you are purchasing assets or real estate property throughout Illinois or settling employee disputes over confidentiality agreements in Wheaton, an informed business law attorney can help you to protect your rights.

At Stock, Carlson & Asso. LLC, our business contract attorneys work diligently to ensure that the needs of our clients are met and that their interests are protected. With extensive experience devoted to all matters surrounding business law, our attorneys are highly skilled in the negotiation process and legal drafting of contracts for all types of businesses.

We work with clients in DuPage, Cook, Kane, and Lake County, providing legal services in a variety of areas related to business formation, operations, and planning. We can assist with business contractual matters related to:

Poorly-drafted business contracts often lead to misunderstandings involving business partners and shareholders in both large and small companies. In many cases, these mistakes can be avoided by having a knowledgeable attorney advising you along the way. We will work with you to identify any legal issues in these contracts and ensure that all parties understand their rights and obligations.

Supportive Legal Representation at Work for You

We can assist with any type of business contracts, including lease agreements, mergers and acquisitions, franchise agreements, and loan agreements, to name a few. No matter what type of business contract you plan on entering, we will work with you to ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities, and we will help you negotiate favorable terms that will protect your rights.

If disputes arise over your business contracts, including in cases involving breach of contract, we can provide representation that will help you resolve these matters effectively. Our attorneys have successfully handled litigation cases involving major disputes over commercial real estate property, as well as breach of contract issues concerning unions and brokers. We are experienced litigators, and we can provide the representation you need when resolving business contract disputes inside the courtroom. As trained mediators and arbitrators, we can also assist with negotiations outside of court or alternative dispute resolution, helping you reach a settlement that will protect your rights and meet the needs of your business.

Contact Our Lisle Business Contract Lawyers

If you have questions or concerns about a business contract or formal agreement, contact our experienced business contract attorneys. By working with us before you sign any documents, you can identify any issues that may arise in the future and ensure that your contracts will meet your business's ongoing needs. We are available to provide you with cost-effective legal counsel and help you protect your rights. Call us to schedule an initial consultation at 630-665-2500.

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