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Some people still consider wills to be for the wealthy and rich, although there are many reasons to get a will made even if you are not a millionaire. On the flip side of that coin we have Thomas Kinkade, a millionaire, whose estate is being fought over, because he left more than one will. Forbes reported a story on this legal battle earlier this year.

Kinkade, who was a painter, died last April from an accidental overdose of alcohol and Valium. The 54-year-old was separated from his wife of 30 years, and he also had a new girlfriend, who he was living with. This is where the story gets interesting, because both the wife and the girlfriend have made claims for the estate.

Kinkade's girlfriend, Amy Pinto, has said she is entitled to the former family home in Monte Sereno, $10 million in cash, and some of the artist's work. To add fuel to the fire, Pinto was excluded from Kinkade's funeral because of the court battle, making the case all the more dramatic in court.

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