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IL family lawyerDuring a case regarding child custody, a child may be appointed a guardian ad litem (GAL). GALs are court-appointed volunteer attorneys with legal or specially trained medical health experience. While some judges assign GALs to every case involving a child, other judges reserve this resource until requested by one of the involved parties. Certain circumstances that may benefit from a GAL include child custody, adoptions, child support, and the emancipation of a minor.

The main goal of GALs is to represent a minor’s best interests. The best interest of the child is the standard that must be used by both the GAL and the courts to make decisions regarding the child’s future living arrangements and parent relationships. This standard includes elements such as the child’s age, current relationship with their parents, and the stability of each parent’s living arrangements.

Each jurisdiction has its own requirements that determine when a GAL can and should be appointed as well as the GAL’s minimum qualifications and payment. The effectiveness and quality of a GAL depend on the jurisdiction’s available funding and regulations.


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IL business lawyerBuilding and running a business requires an immense amount of time and effort. The financial and emotional toll successfully operating a business takes, makes selling that business a very difficult decision. However, when the time comes, it is important to have a full understanding of what this sale will entail and how to prepare yourself and your business appropriately. Before you look for buyers, there are two significant decisions you will need to consider. First, why do you want to sell your company? And second, how should you value the business?.

Why Do You Want to Sell Your Business?

Selling a business can be a complex and burdensome decision. One of the most important questions you will be asked during the selling process is, “Why are you selling your business?” and it is crucial that you have a prepared, well-thought-out answer. If your only reason for selling is financial struggles, you may want to consider speaking with a professional to make sure that the decision is right for you, as selling your business can lead to more expenses in the long run.

Your motivation for selling your business can make or break the purchaser’s final decision. Common reasons for selling a business include:


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IL estate lawyerWriting your own will can seem like an intimidating process. Before starting, it is important to be fully aware of the purpose of the will, the will’s consequences, and the legal requirements that must be met. Take some time to study the needed steps required to fulfill your wishes after death and make the best decisions for yourself.

What Is the Purpose of a Will?

After death, a will allows you to control the distribution of your assets. Included in the will is the nomination of a trusted executor who will carry this distribution task out for you. Among other duties, this executor will also appoint a guardian to any minor children you may have. In essence, wills are designed to protect your family and your property. The Illinois state “intestacy” laws will come into effect if you do not create a will before you pass. Intestacy laws distribute your assets to your closest relatives.

What Legal Requirements Must Be Met for Your Will to Be Valid?

There are two main requirements for your will to be legal in the state of Illinois.


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IL real estate lawyerEveryone deserves to get paid for the jobs they perform. While many industries provide their employees with payment for their time and effort on a biweekly basis, other industries are contract-based and wages are accrued on a much more irregular schedule. This irregularity coupled with potentially unfulfilled contracts, forces some contractors to face risk in receiving their due wages. Because of this, a safety net called mechanic’s lien has been created to ensure appropriate payment.

Mechanic’s lien has very specific deadlines and criteria that must be met to make a successful claim. It is important that you take all opportunities to protect yourself in your line of work to ensure that you can provide for yourself. A DuPage County real estate attorney can help make sure that you are properly compensated for your labor.

What Are the Requirements for a Mechanic’s Lien Claim?

A mechanics lien claim is typically filed by contractors, subcontractors, or suppliers. The claims are made due to lack of payment received after completing a project or providing materials. The work completed is usually on someone’s house, land, or other property. The lien process can vary greatly from state to state so it is important to look into your area’s practices.


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IL family lawyerWhile annulment and divorce are often categorized together, both processes have their own distinct criteria and need to be considered separately. Divorce is the end of a valid marriage, whereas annulment ends the marriage due to its lack of validity. Contrary to popular belief, annulments are not easily acquired and require specific criteria to obtain. A DuPage County family law attorney can make this process much smoother and represent your annulment case.

Annulment is a challenging process with strict deadlines, however, it will help spouses avoid difficult proceedings such as property division and shared marital debt. Additionally, the judgment leans toward returning to the lives of both parties prior to marriage.

Grounds for Annulment in Illinois

In the state of Illinois, the annulment process is referred to as a judgment of invalidity. There are four ways in which you can be granted this type of judgment in Illinois.


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