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DuPage County Child Custody LawyerDivorced and unmarried parents who share custody may experience changes in their lives that require a modification of the child custody agreement. In Illinois, child custody is called the allocation of parental responsibilities. Parental responsibilities refer to decision-making authority regarding the child's education, religion, and other significant Issues in a child's life.

Changing the parenting time schedule, or the time that each parent has the child, is much easier than changing the allocation of parental responsibilities. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to petition the court to change parental responsibilities and provide evidence for why the change is immediately necessary.

How to Modify the Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

When it comes to divorce and child custody cases, Illinois courts are primarily interested in protecting the child's well-being. In order to promote stability in a child's life, the court limits when parents may change the allocation of parental responsibilities.


DuPage County Home Construction Defects LawyerYour home is likely the most valuable asset you own, both in the financial sense and a personal sense. When problems such as leaky roofs, cracked foundations, and unsafe electrical systems arise due to substandard construction, it can be extremely frustrating and very expensive. In some cases, construction defects like these may even put your and your family's lives at risk. 

Shoddy construction work lessens the value and functionality of your real estate property. It is important to take swift action to protect your rights and hold the at-fault party responsible.

Poor Workmanship and Mistakes During Construction Can Cost You Dearly

When a homeowner hires a construction company or contractor to do work on their property, they have certain expectations, including having the job done on time and within budget, as well as to a certain standard of quality. Unfortunately, mistakes can be made during construction that result in serious flaws and dangerous conditions.


DuPage County Estate Planning LawyerAbout one out of every 44 children in the United States has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The condition varies significantly from individual to individual. However, some of the most common symptoms of autism include difficulty with social interactions, communication, and behavior. Just over 30 percent of people with ASD have an intellectual disability.

If your child has ASD and requires extra help, you know that this can be quite expensive. It is important for parents of children with autism to plan for their children's long-term financial security. A special needs trust is one way to do just this.

How Does a Special Needs Trust Work?

If your child is nonverbal or struggles to complete everyday tasks, he or she may need significant care and assistance. What happens when you are no longer around to provide this assistance or provide financial support to your child?


DuPage County Business Litigation AttorneyIf you own a business, you probably already recognize the crucial role that technology plays in any company. Yet, as technology evolves and develops, so do the threats of cybercrime. Cybercriminals can use malicious software or bots to gain access to confidential data or even hold business information for ransom. Whether you own a small LLC or a large corporation, cybersecurity needs to be a top priority. Unfortunately, many business owners do not realize the importance of protecting their systems and data from cybercriminals until it is too late.

How Cybercriminals Use Technology to Steal From or Threaten Businesses

One of the most common methods used by cybercriminals is phishing. In this type of attack, cybercriminals send emails that appear to originate from legitimate sources, such as a respected organization or government body. These emails look authentic and contain links that lead to malicious websites or download malware. Phishing attacks can be very effective, as the emails usually appear to come from a trusted source and contain information that appears relevant or important to the recipient.

Cybercriminals can also use malware to infect computers and networks, giving them access to confidential information. Malware is malicious software designed to download or run on computers without the user's knowledge. Once malware is installed on a computer, it can steal data, track keystrokes, or even take control of the computer.


DuPage County Divorce LawyerWhen an Illinois couple files for divorce, the spouses are asked to provide information about their employment status, income, and property. This information is used to guide asset division negotiations, calculate child support, and determine any spousal maintenance obligations.

Divorcing spouses who hope to reduce their financial obligations or increase their financial support may lie on their financial disclosure forms. If you are getting divorced, it is essential that you remain vigilant for this type of financial deception.

Undisclosed Income and Getting Paid "Under the Table"

Income that is concealed in the form of cash payments, investments that are not reported to the IRS, or other forms of payment can be difficult to detect.

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