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Statistics Show More Women Saying No to Marriage

 Posted on September 10, 2014 in Divorce

divorce filing, marriage rate, marriage trends, Wheaton family law attorney, women and marriage, women saying noA study conducted by Bowling Green State University's National Center for Marriage and Family Research (NCFMR) revealed that the marriage rate is at the lowest it has ever been in this country. The study also revealed that not only are women waiting longer before they get married, but the number of women who are single, separated, or divorced is also on the increase.

Data that had been collected from the National Vital Statistics 100 Years of Marriage and Divorce Statistics United States 1867-1967 was used for the study. Researchers also used data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/National Center for Health Statistics, and the U.S. Census Bureau.

The study, entitled Marriage: More than a Century of Change, discovered that that only 31 out of every 1,000 women are married. Statistics show that this is the lowest the marriage rate has been in over a century.

There has been a 60 percent drop in the rate since 1970. The research team points to changes in society that have provided women with other acceptable options other than marriage, including cohabitation or remaining single.

Women are also waiting longer to get married. The average age of a woman getting married today is 27 years old and continues to increase. Researchers pointed out that the average age of men getting married for the first time is also increasing, and refer to these numbers as being at a "historic high point."

Another significant increase has been in the number of separated or divorced women in this country. Currently, 15 percent of all women in this country fall into this category. Other studies have shown that in almost two-thirds of divorce filings, it is the wife who initiates the action. And not only is the divorce rate high, but the number of people who are remarrying is also beginning to decline. If you are considering a divorce, there could be many details to work out, especially if there are children and/or property involved. Contact an experienced Wheaton family law attorney to help decide which course of action is right for you.
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