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With Same-Sex Marriage Comes Same-Sex Divorce

 Posted on May 28, 2013 in Divorce

It was like Valentine's flowers for same-sex couples in Illinois when earlier this year the Democratic-led Senate passed legislation "for the first time that would allow same-sex marriage in Illinois," according to the Chicago Tribune. The Tribune speculated that Gov. Pat Quinn would in fact sign the bill into law if it ever reaches his desk, but according to the Huffington Post, the bill has yet to pass in the state House, where the battle is expected to be much tougher. In mid-May, reports the Huffington Post, "phones in key districts have been ringing with "robocalls" both backing and opposing marriage equality in the Prairie State." Chicago Bears player Brendon Aynabadejo is heard in one of the automated calls, saying that, "it's time to take those steps once again in Illinois. We need to let the world know that Illinois accepts all people regardless of who they love," reports the Huffington Post.

And yet according to a different article in the Huffington Post, with same-sex marriage comes the same difficulties that accompany heterosexual couples—primarily divorce. "With state laws varying so widely and more than 1,000 different rights being directly impacted and denied on the federal level by DOMA," states the Huffington Post, "it is particularly essential for gay couples who are facing this process to be properly informed and prepared as early as possible."

The first step to doing this is to "be aware of all the latest marriage laws in your state." For Illinois sate residents, this could change soon—and if couples decide to move from Illinois to a state with different laws (maybe one that recognizes civil unions, but not marriage etc.), it's important to factor in how these laws will affect your relationship. If you decided to settle in a state that fully recognizes same-sex marriage, states the Huffington Post, and you're considering a split, "then you should proceed with the divorce in a diligent and organized way."

If you or someone you know is considering divorce, whether it's a same-sex union or not, don't go through it alone. The most important first step is to contact an experienced Illinois family law attorney today.

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