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Top Reasons to Seek a Divorce

 Posted on March 20, 2013 in Divorce

There are many reasons to seek a divorce ranging from physical to emotional.  The most commonly cited reasons include lack of commitment, arguing too much and infidelity.  That is according to a survey conducted by researchers at the National Fatherhood Initiative.

The survey found that 73% of respondents cited lack of commitment as the reason they become divorced.  When things get tough, one spouse decides that it is not worth working through.  That is apparent considering that 62% of respondents said that they wished their spouse would've worked harder to save their marriage.  35% of men wished they had personally tried harder compared to 21% of women.

The second reason to divorce is arguing too much.  Any relationship will have disagreements, but arguing about everything makes it harder to say that it's worth it.  It becomes even harder when the arguments don't have any resolution.  It is a sign that both partners are being one-sided and failing to think of the other's perspective.

The third most common cause which contributed to divorce was infidelity.  55 percent of survey takers identified cheating as the cause of their split.  Having a romantic relationship with someone other than your spouse is emblematic of a marriage in trouble, because it destroys the trust that was built over time.

Other reasons given in this study include marrying too young, unrealistic expectations, lack of equality, lack of preparation and abuse.  If you have experienced similar issues in your marriage, a divorce can offer you a fresh start.  Contact an experienced divorce attorney in Wheaton to begin the process to get you to your new life.

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