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Three Expert Tips For Managing Divorce Stress

 Posted on February 20, 2014 in Divorce

Whether you have been dreading the divorce stress since you began considering it or whether it snuck up on you, feeling frustrated or overwhelmed are common symptoms of the legal process of divorce. According to Dr. Ann Gatty, there are steps that you can take to relieve the stress and to move on effectively with your life.

Gatty says that the first step of managing divorce stress is to discontinue the process of blaming yourself. When a major relationship ends, people may start replaying the steps that led to the current day, wondering if they are to blame for everything falling apart.

There's no shame in acknowledging that one or both parties contributed to the end of the relationship, but there's also no sense in replaying history over and over in your head. No one is perfect, and you shouldn't beat yourself up about it. If divorce was truly the right step for you, then you can't berate yourself for it.

Gatty also says that this is your opportunity to turn over a new leaf in life. If pursuing new passions, getting in shape, or spending more time with your kids have been on your to-do list for some time, now is the time to pursue these goals. Being focused on a goal or set of goals can be really helpful in giving you a sense of purpose and allowing you to celebrate when you achieve something. Divorce can be difficult to cope with, but going after your own interests gives you something to be proud of and work for.

Going through a divorce is not easy, and many people find themselves overwhelmed by all the emotions they are experiencing as they grieve the end of a relationship. If you would like to talk over your legal options for ending a marriage, reach out to an Illinois family attorney today.

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