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The Massive Benefits of a Mediated Divorce

 Posted on November 05, 2012 in Child Custody

In an effort to celebrate Mediation day on October 18, it is important to review the enormous advantages of a mediated divorce.  The process of mediation is an attempt to collaborate on decision making in order to make better outcomes for both parties.  A neutral party, or mediator, assists in cooperative problem solving in any type of conflict which is especially helpful in divorce.

The first benefit is that the process of mediating a divorce will save a lot of money.  Rather than paying two divorce attorneys for a long and drawn out court case, both spouses can use the same mediator to obtain the same results.  Divorce has left some people considering bankruptcy as a way to recover financially from a divorce.

The second benefit is that the process can save you a lot of time.  Each spouse is responsible for setting the timeframe of the discussions, not under the directive of the court systems.  Without a judge's assistance, you and your soon-to-be-ex can address issues that you want to settle.  Who would know better than you and your spouse about how to separate child custody or how to set up a co-parenting agreement?  The mediation process knows that real life is not rigid like the legal system, but that it embraces creative solutions.

If you are looking for a resolution to your divorce but are trying to keep it amicable for your children or for your benefit, mediation might be your best option.  To see how else the mediation process can help you, contact an accomplished divorce lawyer with experience in mediation in DuPage County today.

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