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Successful Co-Parenting Can Mitigate the Risks of Divorce

 Posted on February 03, 2017 in Child Custody

DuPage County family law attorneysWhen parents divorce, everyone in the family is affected, including the children. Unfortunately, parents sometimes become so overwhelmed with their own feelings and emotions that they forget to acknowledge and address the feelings of their children. This, paired with a desire to "win" divorce, can lead to serious mental and emotional implications for kids. In fact, some may even become at risk for troubling or long-term behavioral issues.

How Do You Mitigate the Risks?

First, you understand that children do not always "bounce back" from divorce. Some spend years, if not the rest of their lives, struggling with self-esteem and romantic relationships. So if you suspect there may be a problem, seek help and support immediately. Second, you continuously remind yourself that your child's needs should and must come first. Make their best interests the center of your divorce and work hard to create a nurturing co-parenting environment for your child.

The Benefits of Co-Parenting

Studies have consistently shown that children who have a continued healthy relationship with both parents after divorce adjust far better than those who end up losing a parent because of contention or arguments. This applies to children of all ages. In fact, one study found that, even as infants and toddlers, children benefit from overnight visits with both parents. This benefit was also found to be greatest among children who spent nearly equal time with both parents.

Co-Parenting in a Contentious Situation

Although some parents are able to co-parent with little difficulty, others struggle to even speak to one another without arguing. These parents must work that much harder at fostering a nurturing co-parenting environment. They must find ways to communicate while still minimizing the risk of arguments. Often, this is done by not communicating more frequently than necessary. Parents dealing with a contentious situation should also have clear and consistent boundaries, such as limiting conversations to certain hours of the day or only emailing about topics directly related to their child.

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