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Stay at Home Mom Denied Access to Household Funds

 Posted on October 11, 2012 in Divorce

When one parent makes the sacrifice to stay at home and care for the family instead of pursuing a career and an income, that parent should be celebrated for making his or her family a priority, and their dedication to family should be rewarded. However, there are unions where this type of surrender is not only unappreciated but outright ignored and punished.

Such was the case with the marriage of Margaret and Drake. Margaret was a stay at home mother for the majority of the twenty seven years she was married to Drake. Margaret had a college degree, but Drake had always been a good financial provider for their family. He provided the monetary support and she provided the household management support.

After the children left home, Drake began to suggest that Margaret get a job. This was a difficult task for the middle aged homemaker. She had not had any work experience other than caring for her family and she had never worked in the field in which she'd received her degree. She finally obtained a job in a department store, a position for which she was underpaid.

Once Margaret took the job, Drake complained that she was always away from home. Faced with the humiliating experience at her job and the degrading situation at home, Margaret filed for divorce. Through the divorce proceedings, she was entitled to her fair share of the household assets she had contributed to building.

If you have taken care of your family and foregone a career and salary to do so, you have provided your family with the utmost support. In return, you also deserve the utmost support. Contact the compassionate Wheaton, IL divorce attorneys at Stock, Carlson, Flynn and McGrath, LLC, if you are being treated unfairly after years of sacrifice and devotion.

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