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Setting Boundaries with Your Former Spouse

 Posted on June 06, 2014 in Divorce

Dupage County divorce lawyer, former spouse, cut emotional ties, divorce and communication, divorce and respect, Illinois divorce lawyerFinding the perfect medium following a divorce can be difficult, no matter how long the marriage lasted. Former spouses need to set boundaries when a marriage ends in divorce in order to avoid any unpleasant altercations or other issues.

Cut All Emotional Ties

The first step inĀ setting boundaries following a divorce is to cut the emotional ties between the two spouses. This includes emotional, mental, and physical ties to each other. This can be very difficult when the couple has children who are still minors, which means they might share custody. You still need to make an effort to cut the emotional ties as much as possible to make the divorce work.

Keep Communication Brief

It is vitally important for you to keep all communications with your former spouse brief. Whether this includes an email, a letter, a text message, or a phone call, all of these options must be brief so you do not get into lengthy discussions that can end in arguments. These discussions can be about the couple's children or legal issues regarding the divorce. Any other topics should be avoided at all costs.

Stay Respectful

Make sure that the two of you stay respectful with each other when communication occurs or when you are in the presence of each other. Let your former spouse know that conversations will only take place when respectful tones are taken with each other. If anything else occurs, then the conversation should be cut short immediately. Do not tolerate inappropriate discussions.

Maintain Impersonal Conversations

Stay private when talking with your former spouse. Make sure all discussions are impersonal so that you do not bring emotion into the picture. Keep your conversations with your former spouse as business-like as possible.

Avoid Searching for Support

Never seek out support or advice from your former spouse. This will only lead to disappointment. When you need help or advice, ask friends or family members instead.

If you have concerns regarding the setting of boundaries with your former spouse and need to consult a DuPage County divorce lawyer, call 630-665-2500.

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