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Is Mediation Right For My Divorce?

 Posted on January 13, 2014 in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that takes your conflict out of the courtroom and gives you more of a say in what life looks like post-divorce. If your situation is the right fit for mediation, you could save yourself time and money in resolving pressing divorce issues. Even though mediation has a different structure than a courtroom case, you still need to hire an experienced mediator to help you and your spouse talk through the relevant details.

divorce mediation IMAGESome couples find the public nature of a courtroom divorce too embarrassing or traumatic. Mediation meetings, on the other hand, can be held in private at your own convenience. You won't have to worry about meeting the schedule of the judge in your case, leading to a long wait if the judge's docket is full. You'll just need to match the schedules of your spouse and the mediator with your own to get started.

A trained mediator will be helpful for steering your conversation the right direction. He or she will gather information about the case and help you negotiate back and forth with the other party to arrive at a conclusion. Typically, this approach yields results much more quickly, and since parties are communicating back and forth, they each play a bigger role in shaping what their own future looks like. This increased opportunity to generate a creative solution can be really appealing if you and your spouse can arrive at a conclusion. Research has found that mediation offers several different benefits to divorcing couples.

Mediation is also helpful for setting the tone of communication post-divorce. You and your former spouse will get practice and communicating in a civil manner and this will help to reduce your own anxiety and make it easier for children. If you would like to talk about how mediation can resolve your divorce case, contact an Illinois family lawyer today.

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