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Marrying an Ex Can Be Happily Ever After

 Posted on November 25, 2012 in Divorce

The idea of getting back together with one's ex-spouse after a divorce is a common theme in Hollywood, but, according to the Chicago Tribune, it's not a theme that surfaces much in real life. Nancy Kalish, professor emeritus at California State University in Sacramento recently completed a study of "1,001 reunited couples from around the world" which reported that only 6 percent of them were married—a second time—to the same person. The only way it will work, according to the Tribune, is if there is a "behavioral change and growth, whatever the reasons for the divorce."

Laurie Puhn, a relationship coach and published author, told the Tribune that "there is power in knowledge, so you need to go into the marriage a second time and understand you're entering a second marriage. It's not the same of the first one," even if it's the same partner. Rachel Clark, a science writer, remarried her first husband, and told the Tribune that she had no idea "of the bond my husband and I had created together when we got divorced."

According to the Huffington Post, there have been many famous divorced couples for whom remarriage worked out fantastically. "Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton did it, so did Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, Elliot Gould and Jennifer Bogart, Stephen Crane and Lana Turner, Eminem and Kimberly Scott." Michele Weiner Davis, founder of the Divorce Busting Center, told the Huffington Post that "she believes about 10 percent of the population remarries their spouse," as opposed to Kalish's figure of 6 percent.

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