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Man files $130 Million Lawsuit Against Son's Biological Mother

 Posted on February 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

paternity IMAGEA Utah man has filed a $130 million lawsuit against the biological mother of his son, who he claims, put their son up for adoption without his knowledge. According to his lawsuit, Whitney Pettersson Demke "essentially kidnapped" his son, and she conspired with the adoptive parents and the adoption agency in an "illegal, deceit-ridden infant adoption" that has kept him from his son.

In 2010, Jake Strickland was dating Demke when she told him she was pregnant. Although the two did not remain a couple and stopped dating before the baby was born, they both agreed to co-parenting responsibilities for the child. According to Strickland, during the pregnancy, they picked out a name for the baby boy - Jack - and he gave Demke money for medical and other expenses, attended doctor's appointments with her, and had even decorated a room in his home for his son's nursery.

On December 29, 2010, Strickland's son was born. However, Demke not only didn't tell him of the baby's birth, but she put the baby boy up for adoption the day after the birth. On the child's birth certificate, she wrote that she did not know who the father was.

Strickland had just spent the day before the birth with Demke. For the next week, Demke ignored his calls. At one point, she did communicate with him that she was still scheduled for a Caesarian section on January 12th. Finally, on January 5th, she admitted to Strickland that his son had been born two weeks prior and she had put him up for adoption. She admitted to Strickland that giving the child up for adoption had been her plan all along.

Strickland immediately filed for paternity, but found out it was too late. He also found out that Demke was never divorced as she had told him, but was still legally married. Under the state of Utah law, Demke's estranged husband was considered the child's father. Three years later, Strickland is still fighting for his child. The case is currently under the jurisdiction of Utah's Second District Court.

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