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Later in Life Marriages Reduce Rate of Divorce

 Posted on February 28, 2013 in Divorce

The status quo of 50% divorce rate in America is slowly decreasing - 40% actually is the new number and considered to keep going down. Why? Due mostly to people making marriage decisions later in life, tackling all their inner demons, questions and immaturity to their younger days and becoming committed adults in their later years. This is why late-in-life marriages last longer.

According to Yahoo! being older and wiser does have truth to it. All the past situations you were entangled with enlighten you to the importance of a true relationship. The things that tempted you before are no longer important because you are more stable in your life (emotionally and job wise) and can make healthier decisions. You can wisely tell what is good for you and what isn't - and who is or isn't good for you. Knowing what is out there in the world gives you incentive to work harder at what you have - from crazy people to realizing money is not the only quality you are looking for. The ability to compromise and have consistency are attractive qualities. A person who has similar character qualities to your own makes it easier to move through life together because it gives you a solid foundation. Truth prevails.

Knowing that it takes just as much to give as to get, you seek for that nice partner to make a relationship work. Being eager to stop wasting time and prioritizing makes you put the relationship first. However, there are times when the other person refuses to feel and do the same. You slowly stop being their priority. When things are working and you have tried everything, a separation or divorce might be in the best interest for both of you. In that case, contact a Wheaton divorce attorney who can make the process work for you.

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