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Illinois Divorce Rates Fairly Low, Young Americans Optimistic

 Posted on September 11, 2012 in Divorce

A recent study shows that young Americans are incredibly optimistic about their marriage lasting for a lifetime. did a story about the study, saying that 86 percent of Americans between ages 18 and 29 who were surveyed by the Clark University Poll of Emerging Adults expect their marriage to last. According to an NBC Chicago story, statistics from a few years back show that Illinois has a lower divorce rate than most states, but it is not low enough for that 86 percent to be right.

Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, a psychology professor who led the study, said that young people grow up hearing that half of marriages end in divorce, but most of them still expect to be in the half that does not get divorced. The study also suggested that children who have witnessed a divorce are more driven to make a marriage last. A surprising discovery in the study was that both men and women are expecting to make compromises regarding their career goals for family, whereas it has traditionally been the women who have had to make that sacrifice.

According to the NBC story, the low, declining divorce rate in Illinois is not caused by optimism or both genders sacrifing their careers, but it is the relatively lax marriage laws that are behind the numbers. The statistics by the Center for Disease Control suggest that states who have not banned same-sex marriage have a lower divorce rate.

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