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Starting Over: Reinventing Yourself After Divorce

 Posted on December 05, 2013 in Divorce

What leads couples to file for divorce is as different as the couples themselves. However, moving on after a divorce can seem overwhelming for many couples. Nonetheless, there is life after divorce according to Dr. Phil and he offers some tips that anyone can use to reinvent him or herself after divorce.

Learn to Let Go

After divorce, it's easy to dwell in the past. For some people it's easy to relive unpleasant parts of a divorce but this isn't helpful. It is okay to grieve but not forever. Give yourself time to process what is happening but don't dwell there. Work through your feelings and move on.

Stomp Out Negative Self Chatter

Everyone has a voice inside that either encourages or discourages. During this emotional time, discouraging messages may be prevalent. Now isn't the time to beat yourself up. Counteract any catastrophic language with positive messages that say life isn't over it's just beginning.

Be an Example for Your Children

Remember that divorce affects children also and they are looking to you for guidance. Talk to them about what they are feeling and share that you too are sad but that life is not over. Give them a sense of hope that there are things that you can do together to make the transition smoother.

Gather the Troops

Support is necessary during this emotional time. Now isn't the time to retreat and be alone. Call on non-judgmental friends and family for support and inspiration.

Define the Your Chapter

Divorce creates the opportunity to start fresh. Take some time for yourself to define how you want your life to be and create a plan of action to achieve it.

If you are an Illinois resident who may be contemplating getting a divorce and have questions about the process you are not alone. Contact an experienced Illinois divorce attorney to discuss the legal tools to protect your future.

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