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Events Now Helping You Celebrate Divorce

 Posted on June 14, 2013 in Children

For a long time, there has been a stigma surrounding divorce that can make it difficult for individuals to share their feelings. A new trend is helping individuals come to terms with their divorces and celebrate the movement forward as a ceremony. A recent upsurge of divorce celebrations and ceremonies is gaining ground across the country, allowing many going through divorce to seek closure and bring light to how divorce can change a person's life.

The extent of these divorce celebrations and ceremonies runs the gamut from events just like a bachelor party to a completely formal sit-down dinner. As the owner of Crucible Life Resources in Toledo, Ohio, Bill Roman says he has seen it all. The main focus of these divorce celebrations tends to be around an emotional release regarding the final approval of the divorce decree. Many times, the people in attendance for divorce celebration are often the same people who attended the wedding. Former bride and groom celebrate with gifts, humorous cakes, and funny events to mark this new stage in their life.

For others, the divorce announcement is much more serious, involving the couple getting together to share the new family and friends. These arrangements can serve as a point of closure and allow family members and friends to begin the process of making sense of the divorce. The motion is tension surrounding a divorce extends far beyond the couple and typically affects family members and friends, so divorce announcements can set the tone for appropriate behavior and expectations in the aftermath of the divorce.

Contemplating divorce is not an easy decision. If you would like to learn more about your options in the state of Illinois, schedule a consultation with an DuPage divorce attorney today. Our office offers consultations for your individual situation and can help you determine the next step.

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