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Domestic Violence Incidents Can Occur Anywhere, Anytime

 Posted on September 24, 2014 in Divorce

domestic violence, domestic violence advocates, domestic violence incidents, domestic violence laws, Illinois domestic violence, Wheaton family law attorney, women and domestic violenceAccording to the National Institute of Justice, one in four women in this country will be a victim of domestic violence at least once in her lifetime. As a result of the abuse, millions of victims suffer serious physical and mental health conditions including concussions, head injuries, headaches, and other related trauma. The cost of domestic violence in America is over $8.3 billion every year. Many victims of domestic violence find the only way to stop the violence is to divorce the abuser.

Recent attention has been given to domestic violence in response to an incident involving a National Football League player. In fact, an online petition reached 100,000 signatures urging the commissioner of the NFL to toughen the penalties for players who commit acts of domestic violence.

CBS Chicago recently reported that "pleas for help are flooding the Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline ... calls have more than doubled from an average of less than 500 a week to more than 1,000." Domestic violence advocates hope that this increased attention "will lead to an increase in financial support for programs that help victims of domestic violence."

According to the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, hitting, choking, kicking, threatening, harassing, or interfering with the personal liberty of a family member or household member is considered breaking Illinois Domestic Violence law. Household or family members are defined under Illinois law as the following:

  • Those related by blood;
  • Those married or who used to be married;
  • Those sharing a home or who used to share a home;
  • Those who allegedly had a child or a "blood relationship through a child in common";
  • Those who are dating, are engaged, or who used to date, including same sex couples; and
  • Those with disabilities and their personal assistants.

In Illinois, domestic violence victims are encouraged to call the Illinois Domestic Violence Help Line at 877-863-6338 as soon as possible. If you have been a victim of domestic violence and have made the decision to get a divorce, it is very important to consult with an experienced Wheaton family law attorney to make sure that you take all the legal steps available to protect yourself and your family.

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