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The Do-it-Yourself Divorce: How Expensive Can it Really be?

 Posted on January 19, 2015 in Divorce

divorce process, divorcing couples, do-it-yourself divorce, Wheaton divorce attorney, division of assets, property divisionThe cost of divorce is considered a major concern to those going through a divorce. When one Googles "do-it-yourself divorce," dozens of companies show up and offer forms and instructions for filing an uncontested divorce, and they additionally claim it will cost a fraction of the price compared to that of an attorney-represented divorce. However, many divorcing couples have discovered just how costly self-representation can be in a divorce. Moreover, when one spouse has an attorney and the other does not, the one without is left particularly vulnerable.

Divorcing couples often discover that despite how amicable they agree their divorce will be, at some point, it often turns into a contentious battle. One small disagreement over who is going to get the silverware can suddenly explode into a major battle over every aspect of the divorce, including child custody and division of assets.

When dividing a marital estate, a couple's retirement funds, pensions, and insurance policies are often forgotten. Overlooking your right to a portion of your spouse's annuity or pension funds can have very expensive consequences on your financial future. And once a divorce agreement has been signed and entered, it can be very difficult to have it changed—especially if the only reason was one party's failure to obtain legal representation.

Just as physicians go to medical school for many years to gain the medical knowledge to successfully treat patients, attorneys also attend years of law school in order to gain legal knowledge to successfully represent their clients. The law can be complicated and confusing. There are rules of procedure that need to be followed, and by not following them, you can lose your case.

The divorce process is often an emotional process for a couple, and those emotions can often cloud rational judgment and lead to costly decisions. Hence, it is essential to have an experienced Wheaton divorce attorney representing you during this process. If you are considering a divorce, contact Stock, Carlson & Asso. LLC. We offer legal services for families dealing with divorce, child support and custody, property division, marital financial concerns, and more. Call us today at 630-665-2500 to schedule a consultation.

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