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Divorce Taboo Slowly Dissipating Despite Death Threats

 Posted on January 22, 2013 in Divorce

According to a report by the New York Daily News, despite strict Muslim rules, more and more Pakistani women are turning to divorce as an option to escape marriages that are riddled with abuse and with little love. These brave women are willing to face the possibility of being killed to me free of their nuptial captors.

It is thought that the women are gaining a better feeling of empowerment because they do not have to continue to be dependent on their husbands. They are learning about the rights that they have and they are learning skills so that they can seek their own employment. There were over 1,500 honor killings reported last year and many women are killed while pursuing their divorces. Some of them have even been shot and killed on their way home from the court and many are murdered right in front of their lawyers.

Pakistani women are learning that they no longer have to depend on their husbands financially, which historically has been the reason that they would remain in these loveless marriages. Many of the marriages are still arranged but now the women feel that if the financial support is not there then the marriage is based on love and affection. Many women in arranged marriages complain that their husbands are cheating on them.

If you find yourself in a loveless marriage or one that is plagued by infidelity, you need the representation of an empathetic and experienced Illinois divorce attorney to represent the interests and those of any involved children. A divorce can be traumatic and while it may be the end of a huge chapter in your life, it will open the door for a new and liberated life. Call your divorce attorney today to get the process started.

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