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Divorce Studies: What Are Your Divorce Rate Odds?

 Posted on February 04, 2015 in Divorce

Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, divorce statistics,There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of divorce studies done to try to predict which marriages will succeed and which ones will end in divorce. There are numerous factors which point to success - or failure - of a couple's wedding vows.

Are you wondering if your marriage will survive? Here are several study results which may help you answer that question:

  • Married American couples have a 40 to 50 percent chance of ending up in divorce court. Recent studies, however, reveal that with each generation, the divorce rate decreases slightly.
  • Married couples who live in "red" states have a 27 percent higher divorce risk than couples who live in "blue" states. This is due in part because couples in red states tend to get married at a younger age, which studies have shown increases the risk of divorce.
  • The more couples disagree about money, the higher the odds they will divorce. In fact, if a couple has weekly money fights, they increase the odds of divorce by 30 percent.
  • The status of your parents' marriage when you were growing up factors heavily into your own risk of divorce. If your parents divorced, then your own divorce risk is at 40 percent. However, if one or both of your parents remarried when you were a child, your risk of divorce just skyrocketed to 91 percent.
  • If your spouse smokes and you do not, or vis-a-versa, you have a 75 to 91 percent chance of divorcing compared to married couples who both smoke.
  • If this is a second marriage for both you and your spouse, your odds at staying married are only 10 percent.
  • Women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer have a 40 percent higher divorce rate. Men who have been diagnosed with testicular cancer have a 20 percent higher divorce rate.
  • Parents of twins or triplets have a 17 percent higher risk of divorce than parents with children who are not multiples.

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