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Divorce Process: Things to Consider While Going through a Divorce

 Posted on March 05, 2015 in Child Custody

Illinios divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, DuPage County divorce attorneyIf you or your spouse has or is considering filing for divorce, it does not have to be contentious. Sometimes couples grow apart and want different things during their marriage and decide to get a divorce. It does not mean that you want to fight about everything. Speaking with an experienced divorce lawyer or mediation lawyer can help you decide what is the best route for you and your spouse. Some things to think about throughout the divorce process are:

1. Do not believe everything you are told.

Every divorce is different. What one couple experienced during their divorce is not exactly what you will experience during your divorce. You may experience one or two things, such as property division or spouse maintenance, that one couple experienced, but your experience with child custody or visitation rights may be the exact opposite of that same couple.

2. Not all divorces include going to court.

Some couples choose to end their divorce by going through mediation instead of court procedures. Mediation can save the couple time and money. When you decide to go through mediation, you and your spouse have say over who will receive what after your divorce is final. You will work with your spouse through a mediator to reach an agreement about property, assets, custody, and visitation rights. During mediation you can still consult with an attorney to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

3. Inventory your belongings and make copies of important documents.

If you have family heirlooms, gifts that were given to you, valuable property or collections, or other furniture, you will want to get a list of everything. When you go through property division, you want to know what is marital property and what is considered heirlooms or gifts. Take pictures with a date and time stamp of each item and write down a description, the estimated value, and serial number if it has one. Make copies of important legal documentations, such as prenuptials, benefit documents, and licenses.

4. Prepare for the future.

Most divorce proceedings that are started end in divorce. Not many couples decide to stay together after the process is started. This means you will need to prepare for your future. Starting a new life is not easy, but preparing for it can help the transition go smoothly.

Filing for divorce may not be an easy decision, but the process does not have to become heated. Preparing for your life after divorce can be hard, but speaking with an experienced Wheaton divorce attorney about the divorce process can help you understand what your options are. Contact the law offices of Stock, Carlson, Flynn and McGrath, LLC at 630-665-2500 to speak to an attorney.
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