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Divorce Mediation in Illinois

 Posted on July 25, 2014 in Divorce

collaborative divorce, divorce mediation, Wheaton mediation attorneys, divorced spouses, Illinois divorce, ex-spouses, divorce trendsFinancial constraints during divorce can quickly become an issue for one or even both parties. The irony felt by many is the money spent arguing over splitting finances and assets can leave divorced spouses in economic hardship. If you are experiencing a divorce in Illinois, consider using mediation or collaborative divorce.

Divorce mediation takes the process out of the courtroom, and consists of a neutral third party assessing the needs of both spouses, and helping to reach an agreement. All aspects of the divorce will be addressed, such as splitting financial assets, child custody and visitation, and possible alimony and child support.

There are many benefits to divorce mediation for any couple, including but not limited to the following:

Mediation is a faster process: Divorce mediation is much faster than litigation, and can cause much less stress.

Less financial strain: Between court appearances, meetings, and filing paperwork, divorces can be expensive. Using a mediator can cost less for both parties.

Decrease in conflict: Generally divorces are much less adversarial when worked out by a mediator.

Easier on children: Mediation on the whole keeps children out of the courtroom. In addition, the services provided allow you and your spouse to set a definite schedule for visitation, as well as other financial issues.

Remaining in control: Use of mediation allows you to keep control of the situation, rather than giving the court more discretion.

Divorce can be an unpleasant situation for any couple, but using a mediator can be the positive choice for everyone involved. Mediation also affords you a privacy that litigation does not - if your case goes to court, it becomes public record.

In Illinois, and throughout the United States, divorce has steadily been on the rise - meaning there are also more children of divorced couples. It is important to remember when children are involved that their best interests must be taken into account. Use of divorce mediation tends to leave less conflict between ex-spouses, and better collaborative parenting.

If you are splitting up with your significant other in the Chicago, Illinois area, consider professional divorce mediation services provided at The Illinois Law Office of Stock, Carlson & Asso. LLC. Serving DuPage, Kane, Will, Kendall, and the surrounding counties, our attorneys have more than 30 years of legal experience. Contact our experienced Wheaton mediation attorneys today for any of your family law needs.

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