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Divorce May Cause Post Traumatic Stress in Children

 Posted on August 11, 2013 in Children

In an article written for Psychology Today, Stephen Joseph, Ph.D. states that parents shouldn't underestimate the effects that divorce has on children. Couples will often wait to divorce, thinking that it would be better for the children. But in a study conducted by Dr. Joseph, he found evidence that children of divorce may suffer from post traumatic stress.

Most people who marry don't expect to be divorced. Nevertheless, divorce does happen . When children are involved, waiting to divorce until they are grown may not be the best solution. The logic here is that the events that occur over the years that lead up to divorce are being witnessed and by the children. Therefore, the damage to your children that you may be trying to avoid has already been done having lived in an environment with two parents who don't love each other.

Naturally, as parents you want the best for your children. In some cases that may mean getting a divorce sooner rather than later. The effects of living with two fighting parents could directly affect a child's sense of security. Over a period of time this becomes harder and harder to deal with thus affecting how a child develops emotionally and psychologically. According to Dr. Joseph a child needs to know that he or she has a sense of belonging and safety. Therefore, a child being raised by two fighting parents waiting to get a divorce may be more damaging than that of parents who demonstrate that despite their separation the children are loved.

Deciding to move forward with a plan to divorce in Illinois and other states can be a difficult choice to make. This can be a time of heightened emotions. Therefore, it is important to have a dedicated team on your side. Contact a DuPage divorce attorney for a free consultation.

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