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Divorce Impact of Social Media

 Posted on May 15, 2015 in Divorce

Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family lawyer,divorce tips,Social media is incorporated into almost every part of our daily lives. Through outlets like Facebook and Twitter, it has become a common activity for people to share their daily lives, pictures, and thoughts with the world. While these social media sites bring many positives into our lives, there can be unforeseen consequences of social media activity when dealing with a divorce. Posts, pictures, and comments can all potentially be used against you.

How Social Media Has Changed Illinois Divorce

Our society has a habit of sharing everything in our lives with friends, family members, and even strangers via social media. For some, daily posting has become almost second nature. Unfortunately, this habit has also led many to post before considering the consequences. Social media has changed how divorce attorneys find evidence about their client's spouses.

Where in the past finding evidence involved hiring private detectives or having opposing spouses followed, our willingness to post every detail of our lives on social media has opened up an excellent method for attorneys to uncover evidence of misbehavior. Photos, public and private messages, or any other information posted on a social networking site can become public domain and potentially used against you by your spouse or their attorney.  A recent survey of members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that 81 percent of its members had used information found on social media sites.

If an opposing attorney is not sleuthing through your social media outlets, your former partner or friends may be. It is not uncommon for married couples to have mutual friends on social media and these relationships can get complicated during a divorce. Friends often pick sides, and a friend of your opposing spouse may still have access to your social media profiles and could seek out potentially destructive information.

Most often, an opposing attorney or your spouse may be searching through your social media accounts for proof of reckless behavior. Your posts, comments, and photos may inadvertently provide proof of unfit parenting, substance abuse, an extramarital affair, or any other misbehavior. Finding proof of misbehavior often leads to the opposing client settling rather than risk the embarrassment of their misbehavior being revealed in court.

How to Social Media Proof Your Divorce

While it is highly recommended that you completely limit your social media habits while going through a divorce, below are a few tips to help social media proof your divorce:
  • Use caution when posting pictures;
  • Set strict privacy settings on your social media profiles;
  • Be careful not to be tagged in any incriminating photos by friends;
  • Avoid comments on someone else's post or profile that could be seen as flirtatious or as proof of a new relationship or love interest;
  • Stay away from any negative communication with your opposing spouse; and
  • Refrain from posting anything that could potentially prove claims of unfit parenting, substance abuse, or negligence.

If you are going through a divorce, it is highly recommended to completely limit social media usage until a divorce agreement has been finalized. If you are planning on a divorce or currently going through a divorce, an experienced DuPage County divorce attorney can help. Contacting an experienced Wheaton divorce attorney can be crucial. A Stock, Carlson & Asso. LLC attorney can assist you today.

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