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Divorce Can Turn Burning Love Into Burning Belongings

 Posted on August 18, 2012 in Divorce

Destroying your spouse's or ex-spouse's is belongings is never a good thing, but unfortunately these things happen when people are still dealing with their ended relationships. Both the Yorkshire Evening Post in the UK and reported stories about men burning their ex's property.

The story in the Yorkshire Evening Post was about a vengeful husband who burned his wife's shoes, clothes, and designer handbags after discovering she had married her lover in Gambia. Darrell Plews, 44, wanted to win back his wife, but he became furious after hearing that his wife Michelle had married a man she met on her holiday.

Michelle had taken a trip to Gambia, because the couple was having problems. After the trip she told Plews she would file for divorce. Plews tried to win her back, and eventually got a restraining order. After hearing about Michelle going to Gambia again, he had gone to the former marital home and burned Michelle's belongings on the patio. also did a short story about a Denver man charged for burning his ex-wife's wedding dress and wedding photos. The man, Scott Kramer, 35, was charged with one count of second-degree arson. He is facing probation or up to six years in prison.

Divorces are stressful and emotional, and sometimes they take an ugly turn. Rather than resorting to the means that these two men chose to deal with their divorces, get dedicated legal help to get you through your divorce without any criminal charges or other incidents. Contact the top DuPage County Illinois divorce lawyers, and deal with your divorce the right way.

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