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Custody Arrangements: What is Best for Your Children

 Posted on July 10, 2015 in Child Custody

Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family lawyer, Illinois child custody attorney, parenting plans,Going through a divorce is an extremely trying process for everyone involved. Families dealing with divorce often worry about the emotional toll separation may have on their children. Experts have argued for years over the best child custody arrangements for kids. Some say living with one parent full time is the best choice. Others say splitting time evenly between both spouses is ideal. A recently published study now suggests that children who spend time with both of their parents have the best mental and physical health outcomes.

Choosing a custody arrangement that works best for your children is extremely important. Studies show that divorce can lead to many psychosomatic problems for young children and teens. Problems like lack of concentration, stomach aches, trouble sleeping, and feelings of tension or sadness are commonly observed in children going through or dealing with the aftermath of a divorce. Most families seek to minimize the impact of their divorce on their children. A new study, published in April by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health offers new insights into the most ideal post divorce situations for children.

Two Parents Still Better than One

Where expert opinions in the past believed that having children split time between parents locations was stressful on the children due to moving frequently and unstable social lives, this recent study points to the opposite. The study surveyed 150,000 Swedish children and shows that children that share time between both parents fare significantly better than those that only live with one parent. To be expected, children from nuclear families, meaning families with both parents, show the least amount of psychosomatic problems.

Limit Stress on Your Children

The study suggests that parents seeking to limit any problems or stress on their children should strive for frequent contact from both parents. Children fare better with two parents consistently in their lives and the resources they bring with them. Even though moving frequently may seem like a stressor for children in split custody situations, the study indicates children can handle frequent moving if they have consistent access to both of their parents.

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