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Couple's Drinking Habits Linked To Divorce

 Posted on January 21, 2014 in Divorce

Research from the University of Buffalo explored the lives of 634 couples during the first nine years of their marriage, finding that similar alcohol drinking patterns led to less chance of divorce. Those couples who differed in their drinking habits, however, were less likely to have happy marriages. This isn't the first time that research has made the connection between different drinking habits and divorce, but the same results only serve to verify previous research.

DuPage County divorce attorneyHalf of the couples in the study where one partner who was drinking much more than his or her spouse saw that their marriages ended in divorced, although that dropped to 30 percent with couples who shared similar drinking habits. Situations where one partner drinks significantly more than the other can put a lot of pressure on the spouse who engages in the habit less. That individual may become resentful of a partner's drinking habits, leading to arguments. If the partner's drinking leads to violence, run-ins with the law, or inability to help with children in a reliable manner, the fights can be much more dramatic and lead to divorce.

Trying to work with a partner who feels differently about alcohol can present big challenges to a relationship. Such a fundamental difference can also emerge over time when a partner turns to increased drinking behavior for a variety of reasons. When you start noticing that the drinking is pushing you away from your partner or is becoming a critical issue in the relationship, it's common to consider getting a divorce. If you find that you cannot work through the issues stemming from your partner's drinking behavior, you should be prepared to weigh your options and determine if divorce is the best option for you. If you are ready to talk through your choices, contact a DuPage County Divorce Attorney today.

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