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Survey Finds Cost Number One Concern for People Considering Divorce

 Posted on June 20, 2014 in Divorce

considering divorce, cost of divorce, Dupage County divorce lawyer, Illinois family law attorney, parenting classes, attorney fees, court filing fees, divorce settlementAccording to a 2013 survey, the number one concern for most people facing divorce is the cost. There were 890 people who took part in the survey with an additional 447 attorneys who participated as well.

For couples without children, 58 percent cited the cost of divorce as their number one concern. This was followed by property division, at 42 percent, the duration of time for the divorce process at 27 percent and alimony at 22 percent.

The number one concern for couples with children was child custody, with divorce cost coming in second.

Nearly 70 percent of these couples hired attorneys to represent them in their divorce. The rest of the couples either represented themselves or used other alternative guided services. Although there is no way to predict what the final cost of a divorce will be, there are various fees and losses associated with divorce. These include:

  • Attorney fees;
  • Court filing fees;
  • Credit concerns; and
  • The division of assets.

The longer it takes to come to a final divorce settlement, the more the cost of the divorce increases. And, there several other costs to consider as well. If you are the one moving out, finding a new residence and furnishings can also add up quickly.

However, there are affordable options to help curb costs. These include mediation, collaborative law negotiation, and self-negotiation. A couple that selects the option of mediation will hire a mediator "trained in conflict resolution and family law to oversee negotiations." A couple that selects to settle their divorce via collaborative law negotiations will hire an attorney; however, "no litigation is allowed to resolve difference." In regards to self-negotiation, couples can try to work through the negotiations themselves via websites and divorce kits. Yet this option may backfire and ultimately lead to hiring an attorney in the end.

If you are going through a divorce and seek the legal guidance of an experienced Illinois family law attorney, contact the attorneys at Stock, Carlson & Asso. LLC. Our attorneys will represent you and your best interests during what can be a complicated process, and can provide you with an alternative dispute resolution such as mediation. Call today at 630-665-2500.

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