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Childless People Benefit Greatly from Powers of Attorney

 Posted on October 05, 2012 in Estate Planning

Susan Sommers is a fashion consultant in her sixties. She has a sister but no children or husband. Her sister Louise is likewise childless. Together they took care of their mother who died a while ago at the age of 94. The sisters made sure that their mother's rights were upheld and her needs were properly addressed. But what will happen to Susan Sommers or her sister, when they can't take care of themselves or each other any longer?

The problem doesn't concern only the Sommers sisters. Nowadays, there are more childless people than in the past. In 2010, almost 19% of 40-44-year-old women were childless, almost 9 percentage points more than in 1980.

Children are usually the "de facto" caregivers of their parents, if they become incapacitated or otherwise require assistance with matters the parents can't cope with themselves. But childless people obviously don't have that alternative. That is why it's important that especially people without children secure their rights with the help of professional lawyers. In Illinois, it's possible to appoint someone you trust to make healthcare decisions on your behalf or to take care of your financial and property affairs in the event of your incapacity. Your "agent" can be almost anyone, from family members to friends and neighbors. Legal documents can also detail many types of other preferences, for example, a particular type of assisted living facility. Without the documents, a court appointed guardian might take control of your affairs and not necessarily make decisions you approve of.

Whether you have children or not, it's still important to ensure your legal rights are protected in case you become incapacitated. Don't leave anything to chance and contact a dedicated Illinois powers of attorney lawyer today.

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