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Celebrating Divorce

 Posted on March 03, 2013 in Divorce

While divorce is becoming more and more common these days, people are beginning to have a celebration for it. The actual technical term for these so-called celebration parties is "unbridled showers." They are similar to a bridal shower but for after the divorce, instead. Whatever your ex took from your house would be the gifts that people would bring you at the unbridled shower, just like a bride getting new things for her home.

A recent divorcee had one of these parties and gave an interview with The New York Times about his experience. Mr. Carling said that the party gave him a feeling that he would be able to move past his divorce with the help of his close and intimate friends.

While you cannot necessarily register for your divorce party, you can hire a planner. And planners of high-end parties have said that there has been a greater increase of people calling to celebrate the end of their marriage. There are even specialists in divorce-party planning and even a website where you can "celebrate your new freedom." People, however, don't pinpoint them as divorce parties but as a party to celebrate their new life.

Now that gay men and women are allowed to marry in several states, they can also divorce as well. So there may be even more divorce showers that may come about. Divorce showers will continue to become more popular, especially with the divorce rate of 50-50 for your first marriage.

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