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Wheaton divorce lawyersThe percentage of couples who have decided to forgo having children has increased dramatically in the last several years. Yet, because some of them still crave the nurturing aspect of parenting, many decide to adopt a pet. In such situations, the animal often becomes more like another member of the family than an animal that is owned. Unfortunately, some of those same animals have been ripped from the owner that cherished them (and worse) during divorce proceedings. That is because, in the past, pets have been treated more like a piece of furniture - an asset that cannot be divided - than a living being. Thankfully, a new law is changing that. Learn more, including how an experienced divorce attorney can assist in your divorce case.

Animals as Assets - How the Old Law Affected Divorcing Parties and Their Pets

Pets are just like any other animal - they develop bonds to the people that train them, play with them, and give them affection. Yet, in divorce, the ownership of a pet was often determined by looking at who covered the financial aspects of ownership, such as vet visits, immunizations, and adoption fees. In some instances, this resulted in a pet being taken from the owner that had the bond. Tragic cases in which the pet was then abused, neglected, abandoned, or surrendered to a shelter also occurred - often without the loving owner's knowledge or consent.


Wheaton family law attorneysParenting a child with disabilities can be a joy, but there are numerous challenges as well. When a two-parent household becomes one because of a death, divorce, or separation, those challenges can seem overwhelming. To make matters even worse, such incidents may cause severe regression and long-lasting behavioral problems in children with disabilities. Thankfully, it may be possible to mitigate against the risks in situations like divorce. Learn more, including how a well-crafted parenting plan and the assistance of an attorney can improve the outcome of your Illinois divorce.

Challenges That Special Needs' Parents May Face in Divorce

Divorcing with a special needs' child means you not only have the typical challenges in divorce, such as determining how often the child cycles between homes and how you and your ex-spouse will communicate about matters involving your child, you also have the challenges that are specific to your child. For example, if you and your spouse have not always seen eye to eye on the types of treatments or interventions that your child needs, you might be concerned over how medical decisions will be made in the future.


Wheaton divorce lawyersDivorce can be an unpleasant and time-consuming process. A new study also suggests that it may increase your risk of developing an alcohol disorder. Thankfully, you can also mitigate this risk. Learn how and discover what an experienced divorce attorney can do for you in your case.

More on the Study

Previous studies have indicated that divorce may be spurred by the presence of alcohol disorders, but the new study reveals that divorce can also lead to alcohol disorders. Nearly a million Swedes were included in the study - none of which had experienced an alcohol disorder diagnosis prior to their divorce. After a divorce, men were six times more likely to be diagnosed with a first-time alcohol use disorder. Women saw a seven-fold increase in their risk. Rates also remained elevated, even after the researchers accounted for confounding factors, such as low parental education, previous problem behaviors, and a familial risk of alcohol use disorder.


DuPage County divorce lawyersSeparating your finances and assets in a divorce can be a contentious and downright frustrating process. Matters can be made worse once parties learn that a divorce decree does not protect them if a spouse fails to make timely payments on a joint credit account. Thankfully, it may be possible to reduce the risk of long-term credit and financial damage after divorce. Learn how, and discover what an experienced divorce lawyer can do for you, with help from the following.

The Truth About Debt and Divorce

While most people recognize that assets are divided in a divorce, not everyone realizes that debts must also be divided. To determine who owes the debt, the courts will examine several different factors, including who benefited most from the debt and who originally took out the line of credit. Debt is then assigned to the parties, much like assets, but that is where the similarities between debts and assets end.


DuPage County family law attorneysMany people move on to have happy and healthy relationships after a divorce. Some even remarry, perhaps for the last time. However, the divorce rate for second and third marriages is substantially higher than the rate of divorce for first marriages. Furthermore, there are some challenges, both in terms of money and relationships, that couples may face in a subsequent marriage. Some can be mitigated with frank and honest discussions, but others may require legal documentation. Learn more about how a prenuptial agreement can mitigate against issues in your second marriage, and how an experienced attorney can help.

Examining the Challenges of Subsequent Marriages

When a divorced individual remarries, they may lose out on certain benefits from their first marriage, such as alimony or social security benefits. Such losses are damaging enough, in and of themselves, but when children from a previous marriage are added into the mix, things can become extremely complicated. For example, if each party has their own assets from before the marriage and the items then are co-mingled during the union, children may stand to lose an inheritance, educational fund, or another asset if their parent and step-parent divorce.

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