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Want to Avoid a Messy Divorce? Try These Tips

 Posted on August 02, 2018 in Divorce

Wheaton divorce lawyersFew couples enter a divorce, planning to fight and argue. Yet, when they start to discuss touchy issues like money, assets, and children, tempers can quickly flare. Thankfully, there are some tips that you can use to avoid a messy divorce - and none rely on the actions of your spouse, meaning you can still attempt for a relatively amicable divorce, even if your ex becomes vengeful.

Focus on the Best Interests of Your Children

Parents who remain mindful of their child’s needs often fare better, even if their spouse starts to act out. That is because they understand that children usually cope better with divorce when they are able to have a healthy, continued relationship with both parents. They are less focused on “winning,” and more concerned about what their child needs and wants most.

Sometimes that can mean coming to terms with a difficult truth (i.e. their child would do best if they stayed with their other parent during the week because it would allow them to stay in the same school). Other times, it is simply recognizing that their spouse is a wonderful, loving parent, despite their short-comings as a partner. In short, the parent recognizes that their child is not a bargaining chip, but an innocent party in a difficult and painful separation - and that can change everything from how they negotiate to the way they talk to their spouse while doing parenting time exchanges. You can even do this if your spouse is attempts to make things difficult by minimizing your contact with them as much as possible.

Minimizing Contact with Your Spouse (With or Without Kids)

Couples who struggle to get along often benefit from minimizing their contact - and this can be done, even if you do not have children together. Rather than try to work out the details of your case on your own, have your attorney handle the negotiations. Have your divorce papers served by an unbiased party (law enforcement, etc.) instead of doing it yourself. Lastly, minimize all discussions that must take place (i.e. conversations regarding the children) to emails or text messages - and always read them over carefully - to avoid heated discussions.

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