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All parents have the right to share in the responsibility of raising a child together, whether the child was born through matrimony or out-of-wedlock. Often times, paternity or parentage can readily be established in Illinois, as long as the biological father signs a document known as Voluntary Acknowledgment of Parentage.

Unfortunately, for couples with complex divorce issues involving custody and visitation and child support disputes, questions surrounding the paternity of a child, may threaten the financial and emotional benefits a father may provide to that child.

The law firm of Stock, Carlson & Duff LLC, in DuPage County, Illinois, understands the importance of establishing paternity. We are a team of parentage attorneys committed to assisting both parents, by helping them obtain DNA testing or court hearings, when other forms of evidence, proving paternity, is necessary. For mothers who are concerned about how their child will be provided for, we can carry out legal action that will determine the parentage of that child and the collection of any child support payments that may be owed.

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Fathers' Rights to Legal Paternity Representation

If you know that you are the biological father of a child and you would like to establish a relationship with your child, even if you're not the custodial parent, our attorneys can help. Stock, Carlson & Duff LLC, firmly believes in protecting the rights of any father who wants to be a part of their child's life. There are many ways in which a knowledgeable attorney can help to provide access to your child, once the paternity is recognized.

When parents seek legal counsel about paternity issues, we do everything we possibly can to resolve them. Not only is a child's relationship to both parents important for emotional stability, but so is the financial welfare of the child and any inheritance that child may be entitled to. Let our attorneys negotiate the terms of paternity on your behalf.

Attorneys Protecting Families

Contact Stock, Carlson & Duff LLC if you are concerned about the relationship you have to your child. You may have parental rights, and they should be protected. Call us today at (630) 665- 2500. We represent clients in DuPage, Cook, Kane and Lake Counties.

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