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Not all couples on the verge of a marital breakdown or ending a domestic partnership opt for divorce right away. Instead, some couples may find it easier to sort out their differences by filing for legal separation in Illinois, while contemplating their future.

The attorneys at the law firm of Stock, Carlson & Duff LLC, in DuPage County, are completely dedicated to helping clients find short-term practical solutions that will legally benefit their personal needs in the long run, should divorce be the next step.

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Understanding Legal Separation

Although couples may be unsure as to whether or not their current marital situation will warrant a divorce in the future, a legal separation is very much like divorce in terms of how it is handled.

A legal separation can be obtained by filing the required documents, which may specify that you and your spouse must live in different households. Similar to divorce, other factors that may be considered in a legal separation include:

The major difference between a legal separation and a divorce is that with legal separation, you are still married to your spouse and legally responsible and held accountable, for any debts that may have been accrued in the marriage. With a divorce, you can remarry and settle your differences once and for all.

Stock, Carlson & Duff LLC, understand the complex laws that surround marital situations involving legal separations, divorce, and even annulments. We can help you by advising you of your legal options, so that you can make informed decisions that are right for you and your marital situation. Each attorney at our law firm has over 40 years of experience and we have represented clients on many cases involving family law. Let us do the same for you.

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