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What if your overall health were to fail, leaving you in a coma with death imminent without artificial life support? Would you want to be kept alive by machines?

It is a topic we hate to think about, for obvious reasons. But it happens, whether we plan for the possibility or not. If we prefer not to maintain life in that circumstance, one of the most valuable tools in the estate planning process is creating a living will, also known as an advance directive. This legal document expresses your desires, and directs that your desires, and not those of a probate judge, govern.

A living will is only effective if and after you are in a coma, and your physician has confirmed that your recovery is impossible. This means that if you have a heart attack or minor stroke, no one will be "pulling the plug" on you.

Attorneys Preparing Your Living Will

Living wills are often used in conjunction with durable health care powers of attorney.

The law firm of Stock, Carlson & Duff LLC, in Wheaton, Illinois, can help clients to prepare an effective living will along with providing legal assistance for designating health care powers of attorney; and other estate planning.

At Stock, Carlson & Duff LLC, each of our attorneys have more than 40 years of experience with helping clients deal with matters involving wills and trusts and how their assets will be distributed during the estate and probate process. Although these documents can be filled out at your own discretion, failure to follow specific formalities can cause excessive costs and threaten the validity of your documents. Contact a highly trained estate planning attorney, who can help you to avoid the unseen pitfalls.

Make Arrangements for a Living Will

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