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DuPage County Eviction LawyerThe pandemic changed countless aspects of our society, including the process of evicting a tenant from a rental property. Because so many people were unable to work during the pandemic, special protections, including eviction moratoriums, were put in place to prevent renters from being evicted from their homes.

These measures were designed to prevent additional hardships for tenants already facing major challenges. However, landlords often found themselves in a difficult situation when it came to dealing with tenants who could not pay their rent. The moratorium on forcible entry and detainer actions has been lifted, but landlords still face substantial challenges in 2023.

The good news is that landlords have rights during an eviction process. If you are a landlord, you do not have to tolerate non-payment of rent, illegal use of property, and other lease violations. However, you do need to follow specific procedures when taking legal action or evicting a tenant.


DuPage Franchise Business LawyerBusiness ownership is rarely easy, but it can be deeply fulfilling. When you own your own business, you become your boss and take full responsibility for your company's future. Many entrepreneurs choose to pursue the dream of business ownership by launching their own startup or investing in a franchise. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks, so it is important for potential business owners to know what they are getting into. Business ownership is a massive responsibility, and anyone considering the move should consider their options carefully.

Should I Buy a Franchise or Start My Own Company?

A startup is a business that is founded and owned by an individual entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs. It may be a new concept, or it may build on an existing idea or service. Startups have great potential for growth, but they also involve considerable risks, as the owners must build an audience from scratch and work hard to develop a reputation.

A franchise, on the other hand, is an existing business that grants permission to another individual or group to use its name, logo, service offerings, and other proprietary information in exchange for a fee. Franchises often provide access to established customer bases and name recognition, but they also require ongoing payments and adherence to strict rules.


DuPage County Business Law AttorneyThe end of the calendar year is a great time to take stock of your business and plan for the upcoming new year. An end-of-the-year review gives you an opportunity to celebrate the triumphs and evaluate the losses the company experienced in the last 12 months.  Here are five tips to help you get started on your year-end review.

End-of-the-Year Company Review

Building and maintaining a successful business is no easy feat in any circumstance, but the last few years have been extremely hard on small and medium-sized businesses. To stay competitive, you must regularly assess your company for strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement and recalibrate your plans accordingly. As you conduct your 2022 end-of-the-year review, consider the following tips:

  • Take an Honest Account of Your Business's Performance - As you review your performance in the last year, it is important to take an honest look at both your successes and failures. This will allow you to get a clear picture of where your business stands and how you can move forward in the coming year.


DuPage County Estate Planning AttorneyMost people wrongly assume that drafting a will is all there is to estate planning. However, there are several other estate planning instruments that can be greatly beneficial in the event of incapacitation or death. A power of attorney is one such instrument. A power of attorney is a document that grants someone else the authority to handle your financial and medical affairs in the event of your incapacitation. If you suddenly became extremely ill, who would you want to speak on your behalf? Answering this question is rarely easy, so it is important to weigh your options and choose carefully.

Power of Attorney for Finances

Appointing a person as power of attorney for finances authorizes them to make financial decisions on your behalf. This could mean anything from writing checks, to accessing bank accounts and making investments. When selecting someone to be your agent in this capacity, consider the person’s trustworthiness, ability to manage money responsibly, and willingness to act in your best interests. Choose an individual who will be able to competently manage your finances, pay bills on time, make responsible decisions regarding investments, and communicate with financial institutions on your behalf if needed.

Power of Attorney for Healthcare

A power of attorney for healthcare grants someone the authority to make medical decisions on your behalf in the event that you become incapacitated. When selecting an agent for this purpose, choose someone who is knowledgeable about you and understands your wishes regarding end-of-life care. It is important to select a person who will respect your wishes even if they conflict with their own personal beliefs. It may also be useful to select a person who is familiar with the healthcare system, so they can make decisions quickly in an emergency.


DuPage County Marital Agreement LawyerIf you are like most people, you have probably heard of prenuptial agreements but you may be less familiar with postnuptial agreements. Postnuptial agreements are very similar to prenuptial agreements with one major difference: A postnuptial agreement is agreed to after the couple is already married while a prenuptial agreement is signed before the wedding. This blog will discuss some of the common reasons that married couples negotiate postnuptial agreements and the benefits these agreements may provide.

Basics of a Postnuptial Agreement

Similar to prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements or "postnups" are legally binding agreements between two parties. The specific terms of a postnuptial agreement vary from case to case. However, many postnuptial agreements are used to define certain assets as non-marital assets, separate marital assets from non-marital assets, protect business interests, and confirm estate planning wishes.

Why Sign a Postnuptial Agreement?

The reasons that couples sign postnuptial agreements are as varied and unique as the individuals in those relationships. Some of the most common reasons married couples sign postnuptial agreements include:

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